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TacoStandUp El Grande - 12 pack

TacoStandUp El Grande - 12 pack

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Awesome New Taco Holder
‘El Grande’

Introducing NEW! – TacoStandUp ‘El Grande’ from TacoStandUp.
Our new larger TacoStandUp ‘El Grande’ is the perfect larger taco holder for soft shell taco lovers. Same innovative interlocking design. Same unique usefulness. Same warm red color. Same fun!
TacoStandUp ‘El Grande’ is dishwasher safe and stacks on end for convenient storage. They’re super durable, made of food-grade ABS plastic (no BAP) and weigh 2.0 oz ea! Like it’s little brother TacoStandUp, New TacoStandUp ‘El Grande’s work great and will make your soft shell tacos look great on the plate. No more taco fallout, no more taco turnover. Holds your supersize overstuff hard shells great too.