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Folding picnic wine table

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Wine Enthusiasts

Your Best picnic ever!

Have you been outdoors lately? Well the weather is awesome!
So let the great outdoors be your dining room, throw down a picnic rug, add one very cool Folding Picnic Wine Table and your well on your way to an easy and chic experience.

The picnic accessory to create the perfect day out!

Simple, elegant and beach or park ready!

This portable folding picnic wine table is perfect for your next picnic at the beach or park, boasting room for two supported wine glasses and an insert that will take virtually any size red or white wine bottle on the market.

Handcrafted by oceanZebra

The top is handcrafted from Camphor Laurel (wood) which has been sanded to a smooth finish, and coated in a alcohol-resistant finish.

The folding stand is hand made from a mixture of 2 and 3 mm steel which has been finished in a rugged hammer-tone, powder coated finish.

Approximate dimensions: 25 × 45 × 7.5 cm (when folded for transportation).

Just think, no more wine spilled on the picnic rug or beach towels.

Because the Folding Picnic Wine Table is made by hand from camphor laurel, no two tables look exactly alike. Every piece of timber used is unique in its grain, color, and tone. With this in mind, the Folding Picnic Wine Table you receive may look different than what you see in the photo.

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