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About us

oceanZebra an Australian brand, creating original design, micro run products.

The oceanZebra story so far…

We are an Edgy micro-production studio, bringing original designs, innovative art & designer products to the world, our inspiration comes from the ocean, form, balance and harmony.

Our designs are produced with unusual materials such as Zebra rock, Zebra wood, Camphor Laurel, wood, stone, steel, glass, concrete and other organic and man-made materials

Since the beginning, oceanZebra’s philophosy has been to stay true to it’s core beliefs, manufacturing all of our original designs to a stringent set of standards, these are to deliver products & art, amalgamating wood, stone, metals, glass and other materials, which have purpose, are tactile, beautiful and have true heart and soul, but most importantly, designed and manufactured by hand wherever possible.

So that having been said, the excitement is bubbling at oceanZebra as fresh Edgy designs are drafted on the oceanZebra drawing board, further stimulating our creative juices.

Whatever the future holds for oceanZebra, we hope that you are on the journey with us, redefining your living space, with the endless array of handcrafted art & products from oceanZebra . . . the journey has begun!

Warmest Regards