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Absinthe, makes the heart grow fonder!

Posted by Barry Whitmore on

Release that Boho inner spirit, drift back to the year 1792, a bygone age of Bohemian influence and partake in the nectar of the infamous liqueur “absinthe”, invented by a Frenchman Dr. Ordinaire (no ordinary man, I might add), this was a drink made by combining liquorice, wormwood bark & other herbs with alcohol.
Absinthe poster
Known as a hallucinogenic this drink was made famous by such rebels as Oscar Wilde & Vincent Van Gogh, they obviously knew that the bark of the wormwood made this one trippy drink.

Absinthe a little tamer, but still has that Bohemian reputation.

In 1908, “absinthe” was banned for sale in Switzerland, then France and subsequently the rest of the world, this forced Pernod who purchased the rights to “absinthe” in 1797, to release the drink we know today, minus the hallucinogen “thujone” (wormwood bark).

So with that, all said, here is an Absinthe shot to accompany the Nous sommes® shotboard.

Halloween in Tijuana.

4 parts Absinthe

2 parts Grand Marnier®

2 parts Lime juice

shake with ice and strain into the 5 shot glasses, in the shotboard, let the party begin!

Our shotboard features:

• a Camphor Laurel board
• alcohol & scratch resistant finish
• 5 holes for shot glasses
• a no spill design
• 5 cool shot glasses

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