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Aromatherapy: Trend, fad or way of life?

Posted by Barry Whitmore on

OceanZebra is no different to any other company, we get used to seeing fads & trends come and go with the seasons – its fitted shirts this year, and loose next – but with our own lives we seek Nirvana, that place where we can be one with the universe, the process of change, fads & trends means very little in our pursuit of peace, harmony, and tranquility.

OceanZebra accessorizes Aromatherapy in 2017/18.

Fads & trends often reflect the times in which we live. When the world is in meltdown, a bad place to be, or we feel sensory overload from our busy lives, this is when we seek safe haven in our inner sanctum, the nurturing spaces of our home.

Aromatherapy plays a very important role, as a calming influence in our lives & the environment that we inhabit. The sweet aromas of wisps of mint circulating through our senses, the hint of Rosemary, Eucalypt or Frankincense in the air. But what of our visual senses, this is where oceanZebra has seen a need and has put many designs together, to fulfill this aspect of our search for total bliss.

Absinthe poster

The first of our unique products is our “Aromatherapy Leather Journal”, aptly named “Aromatherapy Lotions & Potions” this will become your travel companion, seeking out all the world has to offer. Your unique lifestyle allows you to discover life’s smorgasbord of scents and aromas, from the bazaars of the Middle East to the Lavender fields of a more familiar environment, your Aromatherapy Journal will always be at your side, to scribe your thoughts about these exotic fragrances that will become such an important part of your daily life.

Perhaps you will also use your journal to enter your Aromatherapy recipes, those potions and lotions that are making such a difference to your life, so keep your new companion safe, as it will hold all the secrets of your universe.

The Aromatherapy Potions & Lotions Journal boasts:

  • Materials: Recycled leather, handmade paper
    • Paper is tree-free and environmentally friendly
    • Journal size is 14 cm wide x 18 cm long x 2 cm deep
    • 85 pages of handmade cotton paper (approx)
    • Unlined blank paper

Our materials have natural faults and lines that make every piece unique.

In the coming months, oceanZebra in conjunction with Nous sommes will also be releasing a range of Aromatherapy stands for the home & practitioner, so that you can display those essential oil bottles that you so proudly make and collect, this is the eye candy for your individual environment.

So until then, Namaste!


PS. Let us know what you think, is Aromatherapy a trend, a fad or a way of life!

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