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Choose timber & help save the planet!

OceanZebra chooses timber as its key element in its design and manufacturing process, as we believe this helps to tackle the ever growing problem of climate change. There are several ways that this transpires, one of the most important being that wood stores carbon.

Trees growing in the Australian bush, timber plantations, and gardens are all absorbing greenhouse gases, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, expire oxygen and store carbon. This Carbon remains sealed away in the wood for the life of the timber, it is only when timber rots, decays or burns is it released into our environment.

It is for the reasons above that oceanZebra prefers to use Australian timbers that are sourced locally and supports businesses who prefer to reclaim timber or rescue timber, rather than harvesting new stock.

OceanZebra likes to use timbers readily found in Australia, such as Camphor Laurel, Blue Gum, Red Gum and Spotted Gum these are mostly from Rescued Timber, which are usually large trees that have died many years ago and are usually still standing ready to be felled and milled. Crafting this timber in oceanZebra designs is of great benefit to the environment as it stops the trees from either rotting or being burnt and the subsequent release all the carbon back into our atmosphere.

Responsible Recycling


OceanZebra designs all of its manufactured items to use as much of the slabs of timber that is possible, the small pieces of timber leftover are used for small one off projects such as wood turned potpourri bowls and a multitude of other projects. Pieces unsuitable for those, are turned into fire wood and offered to local residents free of charge, as are the residual wood shavings and sawdust which can be used for composting.


OceanZebra recycles all of its left over steel, stainless steel, aluminium and glass at the local Bundarberg Waste Management site so that nothing goes to waste or into the tip as landfill.


OceanZebra supports the philosophy of second use, we take all the cardboard and filling that we receive and use it to dispatch your products, so don’t be surprised when you receive your item in a cornflakes box, by the way no extra charge for the leftover cornflake. OceanZebra also source from one of our corporate neighbors, shredded paper which we use as fill around our products.


If you have an idea that can help oceanZebra better utilize our left over wood etc. please feel free to write to us.

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